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Maximise repeat business

A point-based loyalty app along with our experience in strategic incentives will allow you to maximise the potential for repeat business.

Digital Loyalty Stamps

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Hassle Free Technology

No additional hardware need, no new POS systems required. We build your app, we install, launch, market & manage the rest! You wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

More Orders

 UK consumers prefer ordering online over the telephone. Having your own ordering app ensures your customers do not get diverted to competitors.

Beautiful Food Ordering

Professional and highly visual online food menus are proven to increase the average order size. And as it’s yours, you don’t pay any commissions.

Bespoke Table Reservations

With your own table reservation app, customers will not get diverted to your competition. They are your customers, you collect the data & don’t pay us a penny in commissions.

Secure your loyal Customers

Each loyal customer is worth 10x more than your average customer. We keep loyal customers away from your competition using strategic incentives

Gain Loyal Customers

Our instant rewards and point based loyalty app is proven to maximise the conversion of regular customers to loyal customers

Track Loyalty Growth

Measure business success by growing your loyal customers. We offer digital tools that allow you to track business growth in a simple and visual way.

Excite & Engage Customers

When customers score loyalty points – they are engaged. When customers redeem rewards – they are excited, producing the most powerful word of mouth campaign!

Offers Vs Loyalty

  • Excessive offers attract low-value customers to create temporary, one-off business
  • Structured loyalty attracts high-value customers to form unbreakable long-term business

Follow Big Success

Big business such as Nandos, KFC and Subway have embraced Mobile Loyalty. They have proven the business value in rewarding loyalty. Use the same approach in your business and see the same results

Mobile Marketing Open Rates


  • Email Marketing 1%
  • Organic Facebook Marketing 3%
  • Organic Instagram Marketing 5%
  • AppsMate Direct Notification Marketing 80%

The ability to send messages directly to your customer's mobile device - is the most powerful marketing tool today!

Improve Online Reputation

It is more important now than ever for restaurants to look after their online reputation. Our tool actively encourages reviews in a way that only positive experiences will make it online.

Unlimited Notification Marketing

Push Notification is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Our expert consultants make sure you can get the most value from this marketing channel.

Social Media Consultation

We understand the importance of social media for any restaurant, it is for that reason we provide bespoke social media strategy and management with every package

Collect Customer Data

It is important to collect your customer data, to continue marketing with or without AppsMate. We help you collect as much customer profiles and contact details as possible.

Get more positive reviews?

That’s right! Our online reputation management tool automatically requests feedback from your customers on specific events (i.e. orders/ loyalty/ visit). Positive reviews go online. Negative reviews go to your inbox.

The Power of Mobile Notifications

  • Digital Flyers
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Target only your customers
  • Target specific locations
  • Engaging content
  • See examples…

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